I just came from leave over the Easter Holiday. I must say that it is the best I’ve ever had. As a young person, I am just like you. I want to live an amazing life, achieve my dreams, hang out with cool friends and go on vacation almost every weekend.


However, we must agree that unless you are some CEO somewhere, that is not possible. It can be a different case if you’re a travel blogger, but not all of us were born to do that.

It makes sense to plan for a dope vacation for months. For the best locations to visit, you can get your inspiration from former US President Barack Obama, who is now spending time on the beach, sun-kissed, working on his post White House memoir.

If you’re not looking for any inspiration and you already know where you want to spend your time, the thing you need to prioritize is saving up for your vacation. Make sure you save up money for food, travel fee, medical check up,

Let’s admit it. Saving up is a tricky undertaking. There is always the urge to go to watch every movie that has premiered, spoil ourselves every weekend, buy designer perfume and other spontaneous purchases. To cultivate a good saving culture, you need to be disciplined.

This means that you need to open up a saving bank account, separate from the salary one. No deductions, no loans, just saving up. I recommend the CBA Loop account, which comes with a really cool, colorful, easy to use mobile app.

With it, you can create a target and work towards achieving it. From the app, you can see how your savings are adding up, no need to go to the bank counter like you used to.

Because you don't do queues. #UnbankYourself #LoveLoop
Because you don’t do queues. #UnbankYourself #LoveLoop

Let’s say you want to save Ksh 50,000 for a trip to visit Mombasa. You can do that on a daily basis or monthly. You can use mobile banking to transfer funds to your loop account to add up to your savings. To get the CBA app, just download it from Apple app store of Play Store. To register you just need your valid ID and bio data.

I used it to save up for my two day stay at a new international hotel in Westlands. It’s the best savings decisions I have ever made since my Easter was bomb!

After signing up, you get to collect your Loop card (which you can use to swipe to pay or withdraw money at any of the Loop stores. You can get them at Yaya, Garden City, Mama Ngina, Sarit centre, The Point BuruBuru and Masai Mall Rongai.

Even more exciting is the fact that for every transaction, you could win something cool from from Mr. Price, Vivo Active Wear, Java and Uber (Yes, Uber!). These are just among others.

For all information you need, visit cbaloop.com!


CBA Loop - Money that gives back to your life.
CBA Loop – Money that gives back to your life.

How to join the Loop

  1. Download the Loop App on either Google play or Appstore for IOS. You may also choose to register on the website
  2. Complete your application and order for your Loop card
  3. Collect your Loop card from any of our swanky Loop Stores
  4. Load value into your App through either
    1. MPESA paybill 714777
    2. Transfer from another Loop Account
    3. Transfer from a CBA Account
    4. Wire transfer from other Banks (EFT or RTGS)
    5. Cash deposit at any CBA branch

Here’s to banking so unconventional, it actually makes sense.

I wish you all the best in your vacation plans!

Loop By CBA
Loop By CBA