Savara Mudigi
Savara Mudigi

Sauti Sol’s Savara has said what keeps the group together is their teamwork.

Speaking during a press conference last week, he said most Kenyan musicians fail because they are not working together.

“We as Sauti Sol have stuck together because we are more than brothers in the music industry, a thing other artistes lack,” he said. He then promised more collaborations with Kenyan artistes other than Sol Generation.

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Bien encouraged Kenyans to support Gengetone artistes. “It is their time, so they can sing about what they are happy about.”

Adding, “We hang out with them and always advise them on how to continue doing music. Let us give them time,” he said.


Savara then added that artistes should look for a way to work with artistes without looking at being signed.

“Being signed is not everything, but if you can work on something you can work with the team even without being signed,” he said.

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