On Saturday I decided to go to Century Cinemax Junction to watch Steven Quale’s “Into the Storm” until I saw “VEVE” posters around, then changed my mind and paid to watch the Kenyan movie.

I was 15 minutes late into the movie just because I expected to see fellow movie buffs check into the cinema. Shock on me! There were 3 people in the cinema and since the tickets were going for 600, that day Century cinemax made a cool Ksh.2, 400 from VEVE (that’s none of my business though)


Sauti Sol’s Mudigi Savara plays a role of JULIUS;  a former captive who works hand in hand with KENZO (Played by Emo Rugene) to carry out a plan to steal from the bigwigs in the Miraa business which will eventually make them 3 Million shillings. Things get twisted in the movie as JULIUS and his boys are shot and killed while on their operation, whereas KENZO is caught trying sabotage a plane meant to transport Miraa and is put through affliction.

From right; Emo Rugene, Se’ydou Mukali & Savara Mudigi

I bet most of you didn’t know that since “we” don’t really like to promote our own. Make sure you check out the movie before the cinema stops showing.

Watch the movie trailer below.