Cyprian Nyakundi is a famous Kenya blogger. He has struck again by shaming Kenyan gospel artistes and DJs. He started by attacking the DJ’s by saying;

Those pathetic rural-bred Gospel hosts like DJ Soxxy, Njugush, who when they open their mouths, one would easily tell that they have nothing in-between their ears,


When it came to the gospel musicians he also had much to say and had no breaks. He clearly stated his thoughts by saying;

Intellectual Gospel artistes like Kanji Mbugua who are real composers and not a bunch of wankers like Daddy Owen, were kicked to the curb by jealous morning Gospel show hosts, who go out of their way to suppress real talent and elevate mediocrity.

size 8

When you look at Size 8 and Willy Paul, and listen to their new song “Tiga Wana” , you won’t fail to see just how dumb the country has become. It’s twice as worse as Jimmy Gait’s “Hello” rendition.

He even gave his thought about the programs in famous TV stations on how they visit high schools in the name of religion. And the music they play during these visits are mediocre songs.

The content of Gospel music went from bad to worse, with the release of pathetic songs like “Asusu” , “Itakuwa Ngori” “System ya Kapungala” “Mwikulu” “Mateke” “Furi Furi” and the likes started getting unlimited airplay. The music was then accepted in high-schools, conditioning the strain of mediocrity and anti-intellectualism in students, who just had no choice but listen to that crap.

But because of these cartels created between Deejay’s, morning show hosts, content controllers and the likes, the song is being stuffed down the throats of Kenyans who perhaps may have no avenue to vent against the structural dumbing-down of our society.

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Nyakundi feels as though we should be the ones to reject such garbage because it’s negatively affecting our country. These are the people that children look up to and it is more than disappointing. He also blames the main stream media and the people who have power to stop the spread of this level of stupidity.

It is us as citizens who should reject these substandard acts masquerading as talents. Let’s stop watching shows hosted by Deejay’s who cannot compose solid sentences with good diction and voculburary.

In previous years, Deejay’s were outcasts in society, who weren’t allowed to spread their stupidity to humanity. Their work was confined to their places of work; discotheques. But today, pieces of shit like Wachira Waruru and Linus Kaikai have elevated Deejay’s into national figures, all because they can do something that kids can do with ipads.

Shall we peg the growth of this economy on mediocrity by Dj’s and street-urchins masquerading as Gospel artists? Do you now see just how mainstream media has fucked this country?

And shockingly people backed him up;

Let_Taxes_Decide‏: Willy Paul Willy pose,..mabinti walinichanganya ….Meanwhile the gay group Sauti Sol…nishike and Serial Rapist Diamond Inama kidogo ,shika magoti. We are all singing for the lord and so is Kiuna,Kanyari and Ruto

jackyaluvisia‏: He he he…they are Gospel entertainer not musician…

victor ogega‏: True, i saw them at inauguration, what christians support killing of babies so openly, but for me and my house they are no longer on our playlists, washindwe, Fake preachers

Dawn says: Those are serious gospel music jokers

okello zangi‏: They can themselves gospel singers all they want, but people like us know who they are really worshipping!

William Ngava: In matters of faith my brother, leave it to God, let Him be the judge, everyone has a story , and it’s only them who know where God snatched them from, I believe you will one day see the light, and glorify God, and pray for your fellow believers for God to change them in whatever area of life , coz only God has the capacity to change anyone.

Meló Victór: Bro, you can’t have the likes of Willy Paul, Bahati and the other quacks leading the gospel industry bana.. Nonsense

Gakuta James: This is actually part of the problem he is speaking about. The use of God and religion to make excuses for mediocrity. Today you are caught stealing in Kenya and people say things like “let us not judge”. Every evil, every form of impunity and mediocrity in Kenya today is excused by “let us not judge”.

Oliko Oliko: Gakuta James and by the way that verse is read half way and the other part is left out. should you not question when you are told to take all your earnings to ‘god’ and leave your dependants suffering in the name of following instructions? should you not question someone who says he’s ‘singing for God’ yet he’s only trying to make money? Inabidi watu wafungue macho, na waache ujinga.

Kerama Net: On the shitty DJs getting alot of airplay, i agree

Mzee William: Talentless secular artist, Sauti Sol’s ‘Kuliko Jana’ better than what gospel industry artists, Size 8, Willy Paul and Bahati does!…ouch! That’s a low burn.