Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol is rarely in the news for anything controversial. The band has produced some of the best music Kenya has ever heard and has a squeaky clean image that they religiously protect.

Sauti Sol performing on stage in Australia

But they are not averse to some humourous exchanges with their fans. This past weekend my Arsenal (and most times disappointing) team were taking on Chelsea in the EPL.

The group decided to wager that if Arsenal, were to beat Chelsea, they would release nudes for their thirsty fans.

Sauti Sol
The screenshot

However, as would be expected (not an Arsenal win by the way) the group would not actually share nvdes for the fans. That was never gonna happen! That is even if the team won by the miraculous score of 4 goals!

The group performing

And the many female fans went nyugis (that means crazy). That made one of the group’s members, Savara, decide to have an intervention and give the thirsty fans some nvde healing.

Savara Mudigi
Savara Mudigi

Savara? Yes, him with the wonderful and muscular body, released some a titillating photo for the ladies to devour. It is below:

Savara screenshot
Savara screenshot

But one Twitter user called Mercy Murugi was unhappy with the nvde Savara shared and called him out:

How is this nude? You walk like this all the time!

Hehehe! The thirst is real! This isn’t the first time a celeb has promised to do something crazy if they lost a bet.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan:Courtesy/Commons Wikimedia

According to Michael & Me: Our Gambling Addiction . . . My Cry For Help!, author Richard Esquinas claimed that he and Jordan faced each other in a golf match at Aviara Golf Course in San Diego County that resulted in MJ losing a grand total of $1.25 million(125million shillings!).

How about that?

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