Bien Baraza of Sauti Sol has in an exclusive with mpasho said that their song Suzanna is about everything that people use to mask their true self.

He said

‘Suzanna is everything that you use to mask the real you, it can be makeup, alcohol or 

I have tried to be so many people before I settled on being Bien. ‘

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Further adding

‘When I wrote the song two years ago and after I wrote it I forgot about it.

When we were doing the album I decided to finish it and it sounded so great.

Once I shared it on my Instagram it went viral.

On a different occasion I  was in a hotel in Nakuru and heard the video I had on social media being played.

It’s then that we decided to release the song.’

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Asked on why they called the song Suzanna instead of Senje, Bien said


‘We went with Suzanna because it’s a much more global context.

Senje is an aunt but in this context it’s the random aunt who everyone relates to including touts.

E.g when they tell you ‘aunty unashuka wapi?’

Check out the jam below


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