Sauti Sol
The band posing

Sauti Sol and Nyashinski are at it again!

When these two come together, they bring out the best of the best.Like their previous collaboration: Short and sweet which now has 8.4 million views on YouTube.

They have come together again to bring us ‘Tujiangalie”, a song that has been discussed over and over since its release. The reactions are 50/50 so far from many commentators.

Those who support the song say that it is timely. Boniface Mwangi had already urged them to talk about when they were fighting for the release of Bobby Wine who is going through the worst being in the Ugandan opposition.

For those that are against it say, the song has no facts and the use of Jomo Kenyatta and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga is misplaced. They say, the two brought out the worst in this country.

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol have blessed us with their vocals and Nyashinski’s vocals and lyrics are the icing on the cake for me. This guy has actually studied music and he is using it to the best.

Here are some of the lyrics that actually hit home:

  1. Kenya tukona disaster watoto wetu wanazidi kuzikana.
  2. Deni ulizowacha bado tunalipa
  3. Na tumekopa zingine China
  4. Tukajenga reli pia barabara, zilizobaki watu wakasanya
  5. Tusipoziba ufa tutajenga kuta
  6. Kura zetu zilitugawanya makabila na pesa pia tulimanga
  7. Tutajua hatujui
  8. Vission 2030 itabaki ni story
  9. Tuko kwa Twitter tunajibishana
  10. Freedom never comes for free
  11. We vote real cash ama tribe ask Boni
  12. Twitter ndo first body
  13. Post ya haga huenda poa sana na scripture

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Well, you need to listen to this song on Songa By Safaricom and present your case pale twitter because Sauto Sol says that the song is all about self-reflection as a country:

Our latest release is about self-reflection. Understanding that our frustrations with society can
be tackled by us, as a generation, looking inward and holding ourselves accountable for the role
we play.
None of us are perfect, none of us are exonerated.
Change begins when we all decide to act towards building a world we are proud to live in.

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