Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol has been the premier boy band in Kenya since 2008. The awesome foursome has blessed audiences with hit after hit since their freshman song, “Lazizi.”

Sauti Sol
Sauti sol

With their string of hits and effervescent consistency, it wouldn’t take long for a big music label to come calling. Sony was that. However, the band members were all unanimous in their refusal to join the huge label. Bien said:

We are not other people. Even if we sign the deal, the one we are going to get is not the deal anyone else is going to get because of the years we have put in. If you look at the last 10 years, that’s like millions of dollars worth we have invested in ourselves. So if it ever happens…

Sauti Sol
At a past concert

They all agreed that everything should have its own time. Bien, the tallest member of the band, added:

“Kuna msee alinitumia text leo, akaniambia, a friend of mine just had a vision, that you guys signed a bad deal! Please don’t do it.”

This translates to: “Someone sent me a text today telling me his friend had a vision that we signed a bad deal.”

The other band members were shocked at his revelation. He even told his awestruck mates that the message was from a random number that he had never seen before!

Sauti Sol
The band posing

They also spoke about their beef with King Kaka. Bien was at first coy, asking our interviewer who that person she was speaking of was?

Hapana tambua. We are here because of Bensoul. Tuwache petty politics. He is the reason for the season. 

King Kaka
King Kaka

Our interviewer was not be deterred and she explained that many fans wanted the two, Bien and King Kaka two to patch things up. He responded:

Patch things up? Kama ana shida na mimi aje a patch up. Mimi ni international. Huoni vile vitu zangu zinaendelea kimaisha?

This translates to: “If he has a problem, let him come and patch things up. I am international. Don’t you see how well things are going for me?”

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