Saumu Mbuvi father's day
With her father

A photo of Saumu Mbuvi – daughter of flamboyant Nairobi governor Mike Sonko – posing with a bottle of wine and what is believed to be miraa has caused a stir on social media.

Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu recently shared a photo seated next to a young girl sharing a packet of crisps with her.

What the caught the attention of any was what was cradled between her legs, there was a bottle of wine and a small nylon packet with green leaves.

Pundits claim it could be mogoka.

Saumu Mbuvi

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One of Saumu’s followers, identified as Ms Kaytie wrote,

Hio ni miraa ama naona zangu🧐🧐🤭

Another one identified as Tracy Miguya wrote,

jaba na mzinga😂😂😂😂.

This comes barely a month after Mike Sonko posted a live video on Facebook while chewing a bunch of miraa.

During the live video, he even promised to clear a medical bill for a fan who asked for his help.

Other Nairobians flooded his timeline asking him to send them cash. He responded saying;

Send your details to the phone number above, after mingling with my fans I will be sending you some cash my people, It won’t be something big, am not financially fine at the current time, I will only be sending you at most Sh2,000

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Mogoka leaves can be purchased ‘wholesale’ from KSh2,000 direct from places of harvest, in Meru, and prices can fluctuate depending on the season.

Contents are later spilt onto carton boxes spread on the ground regardless of hygiene. It is then ‘air-conditioned’ to remove moisture from the leaves before being repacked in smaller packets that cost from KSh30.

The leaves go by several enticing names such as gokish, goks, jaba, ketepa or kunde, Marhaba.

It is a mild narcotic contains the alkaloid cathinone, a stimulant, which is said to cause excitement, loss of appetite, and euphoria.