Kama ukona beef na mtu, keep reading. This may just be the best way to get back at them – though I do not condone slandering someone’s name out of spite. 

It has been revealed that there are certain apps out there that can let you make fake statuses, conversation and posts on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. Apparently, they have been around for a while and as luck would have it, Kenyans have discovered these ingenious softwares.

With our usual no chills attitude, some people went ahead to make supposedly fake posts referring to the doctors’ strike in which a union member ‘predicted’ his arrest all the way back in 1992!!!! This is sheer madness I tell you.

Matabia za wakenya on social media are quite something, with new scandals popping up every day. I might just be contributing to this unruly behaviour by sharing this, but they say that knowledge is power. With the use of apps such as Fake Post Maker for FB, a mobile application available on the Google Play App, there is no telling what trending news is actually real or fabricated.

Curse me or thank me, it doesn’t really make a difference but just make sure you do your research next time you receive a screenshot of a post that could be real, or not

Let the drama unfold!