Sarah Warimu, the widow to the murdered Dutch national Tob Cohen, has rejected an invitation to witness the opening of her late husband’s will.

In a letter by her lawyer Philip Murgor, Wairimu said the confidentiality of the document had been impugned after the Star published its contents on September 16, citing a Dutch paper.

“We note that the contents of the publication (the Star) have not been denied or retracted and therefore presumed to be correct,” the letter addressed Kirundi & Co. advocates said.

Dead man’s tale! Tob Cohen’s skull was smashed, hands broken

Kirundi advocates had invited Wairimu and her lawyer as well as Gabrielle Van Straten, the sister of the late tycoon represented by Cliff Ombetta to a will opening occasion tomorrow at their offices at 11:30 am to read its contents.

“It is evident that the confidentiality nature of the will you claim to possess or any others for that matter has been severely compromised, to the extent that our client has instructed us to inform you that she does not wish to participate in any related process,” the letter added.

‘I co-own the Kitisuru Villa with Cohen,’ Sarah Wairimu says from jail

Murugor has insisted that his client want the document’s authenticity and legality confirmed through a judicial process in the High Court before it can be accepted.

The Star had reported that Cohen had given her sister his Sh400 million Kitisuru villa alongside other properties, at the time estranged to his wife, now accused of killing him.

The lawyers from both sides had earlier on Thursday announced that they had agreed to have the body of Cohen buried on Monday in a private ceremony at a Jewish cemetery in Nairobi.

Director of Public Prosecution and Director of Criminal Investigations have been asked to facilitate the compromised arrangement.

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