Justice Jessie Lessit has given two weeks for Sarah Cohen to undergo a mental assessment. She will then come back to court to take a plea.

The prosecution said the mental assessment booking takes 10 days.

Murgor pleaded with the court to consider a week.

Phillip Murgor who is representing Sarah in the case wants the court to hear his application on bail.
He argues that Sarah has been in custody for close to 20 days.

The court ordered on Thursday last week that a mental assessment be done on her but it was not done.
Murgor says they are being prosecuted in the media by the DCI.

He says police told him they want to establish the cause of death. He wants the postmortem postponed to tomorrow at 9.

Police had scheduled it for today afternoon at 2.30

Accused has been held in custody from 28 last month and all this time she has been in custody
doing nothing.

‘It’s disgusting what they did to him,’ Tob Cohen’s sister mourns her brother

Murgor argued that there is no further reason to continue holding Sarah.

Prosecutor Nicholas Mutuku says they will give the defence all the evidence so that they can prepare for the trial.

He, however, added that they will oppose the release of Sarah on bail.

Ombeta representing Cohen family says they will indulge the defence.

Ombeta says they are also opposing bail. Murgor says Ombeta cannot speak on bail as a lawyer watching brief.

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