After Samantha the sex doll took over the airwaves and the trending topics, there is a new sex robot for women calls ed henry.

They are part of the new, advanced model of sex robots will be exhibited at the SEXPO 2018 in Australia.

The walking, talking machines are incredibly lifelike and even able to converse. Developers claim the robots are less about ‘sex’ than ‘companionship’.

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But experts warn these hyper-real pseudo partners could be a slippery slope.

But while sex bots such as Harmony – the blonde, buxom pseudo-woman developed by tech company Realbotix – might look and even feel eerily similar to the real thing, tech sexperts are insisting that her purpose isn’t strictly physical.

She’s also there for a chat, says SEXPO event organiser Bentleigh Gibson in the lead-up to the Sydney 2018 event.

‘You can have a full conversation with Harmony,’ said Mr Gibson, in conversation with

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‘She can remember facts about you and relay them back to you at a future date and time. She’s fully interactive.’

It’s in this way that developers are peddling the sex robot as a companion rather than an escort; as a friend first, and a mate second.

‘The idea behind this is not about sex, honestly,’ says Realbotix CEO and Creative Director Matt McCullen.

‘It’s about companionship. And I feel that people will be able to find companionship in robots like this.

‘I can think of no other reason why you would want to make a robot that looks like a human being.’

In addition to Harmony – the blonde, buxom pseudo-woman – developers have also created a male sex robot by the name of Henry.

Henry the sex doll

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Other experts, however, are expressing a little more trepidation about where this slippery slope of robot-human relations might end up.

‘We’re just doing all this stuff with machines because we can, and not really thinking how this could change humanity completely,’ said Noel Sharkey, from the Foundation for Responsible Robotics.

‘Some people have suggested that sex robots create an attitude of ‘too-easy’ sex which is always available.’

Senior research fellow at De Montfort University Kathleen Richardson agrees that the prospects are troubling.

‘Human beings can’t have meaningful relationships with artifacts,’ she said. ‘Underlying all this is a breakdown in what people think is a distinction between being a machine and being a human. That’s really what’s underlying all this phenomena.’

Sex robots will be on show at the 2018 SEXPO event, coming to Sydney on June 14-17.

Source: Daily Mail

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