Nyashinki is flirting with someone’s fiancée. Singer Vivian is set to get married to Sam West after holding a traditional wedding that is reported to have cost West millions.

During a performance in Eldoret, Nyash and Vivian interacted and even took selfies. The Malaika hit maker took to social media sharing their memorable moments.

“Whatever your heart desires,” Nyashinksi wrote

The bubbly singer then replied by saying:

“Hapa nime-make it!”

Nyashinksi replied with a flirty, ‘Si kunishinda’ which was followed by Vivian’s comments on emojis.


Nyashinski Vivian

Well, fans have reacted to this:

cnythiaavoy: Yuu look mwaaaah pamoja

anna21_bobo: You guys rocking. …..two of my loves

lilgacheri: Whatever the heart desires it gets…looking good….

abedy__msafi: Short and sweet…..bt kudate mtu kama wewe ni high risk

ms.cirugishohi: Why does this pic break my heart so badly.

Ni wa Sam West ama? Daughter to singer Vivian emerges

Anyway, Vivian is in a serious relationship with Sam West and are set to get married in church wedding later this year.

Nyashinksi on the other hand is happily single: