Sam West

We have all gone through embarrassing moments in life but for Sam West his experience sounds like a bad dream you wouldn’t want to wake up from.

Imagine trying to woo a girl only for mobile banking applications to let you down when it’s time to pay the bill.

Talking exclusively to Mpasho, Sam Narrated

‘There is a day I took a chick out for dinner; I thought I had enough cash in my account but that day mobile banking failed.

I tried but everything failed, I had to call my mum and ask her for cash before tuchonge viazi.

On telling her the bill was 12,000 she wanted to know exactly what we had eaten for the bill to be that high.

Considering that we had drinks I had to find a convincing lie to tell her, It was very embarrassing.’

‘We lived in a house with half a roof after our KDF boss landlord threw us out’ Shares Sam West

Asked on whether he has ever been dumped before, Sam said he had but added it was his fault.

‘I have been dumped before, but ni mimi nlikua nimefanya madhambi though I can’t explain it now.

I feel God forgave me.’ He added sarcastically.

My embarrassing moment was

‘I had gone to a nice restaurant, during lunch, I was absent-minded so I shook the bottle of ketchup several times.

It burst so hard and splattered ketchup on my dress and the nearby curtains.

Luckily I was in a black dress and my date understood.
Nlichoma picha hio siku.’

What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you during a date?

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