Time and time again we have seen Kenyan couples exposing each other on social media when things between them go wrong or if they break up.

Not only normal Kenyans but celebrities as well.

According to motivational speaker-cum-comedian Sam West, that should never be a way to solve issues.

‘Social media expose has become a norm.

Always seek for advise and fix issues between themselves without taking it to social media.

In most instances the solutions are not with the public but withing the couple themselves.’

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Sam added that in most instances once a couple exposes the other it is almost impossible to repair the damage.

‘Even when I expose you as my partner and at some point I decide to forgive you, it will be hard to convince people the forgiveness is genuine.

Such tendencies can be a cause of depression so people should be smart about it.’

Sam West

Sam and Vivianne have been open about bringing up a blended family, given both had kids from their past relationships.

Vivian found herself a single mother while navigating the murky waters of becoming the strong woman she is today. She gave birth to Natalie Mambo in 2010.

Sam on the other hand is a father to a son, Ty West.

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For the years they have been married, they have managed to stay away from scandals and most Kenyans can borrow a leaf from them.

In a past interview with parents magazine, Vivianne said motherhood is a commitment.

“Motherhood is a commitment. You have a responsibility towards that child.

I do not raise Ty and Natalie as children but as adults.

I believe that childhood experiences are what makes or breaks an individual hence I am always careful on what I expose them to,” she revealed.

Sam on the other hand revealed that fatherhood is a role he would not change for anything else.

“I enjoy being with the kids and I love them to bits.

I spoil them and that is why they like hanging out with me,” he says proudly.

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