Sam West show
Sam West show

At a time when every artiste and content creator is running to You Tube and Instagram, Kenyan stand up comedian Sam West says he is not in a rush.

According to Sam West who  also doubles as a motivational speaker, being authentic has made him the man he is today.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho he said


‘I am an international motivational speaker.

I observe what’s affecting people, authenticity is also what has worked for us. I am currently on translating my videos to international languages such as French.

Ensuring that I have subtitles so that my international audience can get my content has been a plus for me.

My videos get up to 10 million views, I can say it’s all because of God’s grace.’


‘Am a funny speaker because I pass my message in a humorous way.

I chose Facebook is because it’s the biggest platform in the world. Plus it has an audience from almost the entire world.

Most people are on You Tube because they want to monetize their content but that is not my aim for now.

My main aim is to pass the message to people. Facebook has a viral element, this is because it has the share button unlike You Tube.’

Sam added, he still has content aimed at his Instagram and You Tube fans, so msijali.

In your opinion which is the best interacting, or marketing tool between You Tube, Instagram and Facebook?

It’s argued Instagram is for youngsters while Facebook is for the old people, how true is it?

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