Sam West, a motivational speaker and an artiste manager has advised Kenyan not to feel embarrassed about failure despite society’s expectations.

West who is the husband to Kenyan artiste Vivianne was speaking exclusively to Mpasho.

‘People are different and artistes have different lifestyles.’

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Papa Dennis memorial mass

Asked on whether artistes /Kenyans are hypocritical only helping when it’s too late

‘It’s the nature of the world we are living in. People respond to someone when they pass but when you are still alive everyone minds their own business.

 People should learn to fail honorably, people are scared of shame and embarrassment 

It’s OK to fail its part of success.’

‘I wanted to have a conversation with Papa Dennis,’ Vivianne pays tribute

He further added,

‘People should come out and say they have a problem and want help.

It’s a challenge because we are scared of embarrassment, we are only taught to succeed even on social media people only propagate success.

No one posts things based on failure. It’s OK to fail.’

Papa Dennis will be laid to rest tomorrow. He died on 8th February 2019, after he allegedly jumped from Kirima Building.

His memorial service was held yesterday at the Nairobi Chapel.

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