Sam West
Sam West

Motivational speaker Sam West has talked about how watching his parents run an orphanage motivated him to want to uplift other people in society.

Sam who is the husband to celebrated Kenyan female artiste Vivianne in an interview with Mpasho said his parents are his role model.

Although he lost his dad in 2018, he had taught him a lot.

‘My dad passed away in 2018.

My mum is still alive and she is someone I honor, she is my role model.

The thing about my parents is how they have uplifted so many young and poor people. They run an orphanage called ‘Zero Civilization’.

It was stared in 2002, I would also love to help other young people achieve their dream.’

For a man who now mingles with the who’s who in the society, Sam did not have it easy growing up.

‘Growing up my dad was retrenched and he was a pastor but a broke one.
In class four there were a couple of times I walked barefoot to school.

Things were tough, there were times we were evicted from our house.

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The house was owned by a senior guy in the KDF who threatened my dad to leave his house.

We moved out in a mkokoteni, sadly the wooden house we moved to was unfinished and did not have one side of the roof.

The wall was not plastered. And so many times we woke up to siafu. Those were very tough times.’

As they say, you can’t let your past determine your future. Sam is now happily married with kids of his own and they live decently.

The above memories are now a #TBT

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