During the burial of Shammy Tale, wife to Wasafi manager Babu Tale Harmonize was left with egg on the face after Diamond’s manager Sallam SK snubbed his handshake.

A video emerged on social media in which Harmonize’s hand was shoved by Diamond’s manager Sallam SK after the former tried to greet him.

Harmonize proceeded to greet the rest that were sitting next to Sallam before taking his seat.

This was embarrassing considering it was captured on video. One would wonder why Sallam would be so bitter with Harmonize to an extent of snubbing him.

Here is why

  1. He broke his contract with Wasafi

Harmonize handed in a termination request to the WCB management seeking to terminate his 15-year contract with the label with immediate effect.

2. He left the Wasafi label at a time when many considered him a celebrity

Sallam might have felt Harmonize was being ungrateful considering many feel it’s Wasafi that made him a ‘celeb’.

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3. A friend to Harmonize revealed that the artiste felt like he was being used by the label, and although it did not come directly from the horses mouth Sallam might have taken it seriously.

4. Sallam may just be bitter that Harmonize is doing good in his career despite leaving Wasafi.

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