Women will do anything for money. Whether it tarnishes their reputation or not, they don’t care about the consequences. Stories of women being lured with money to commit bestiality have been rampant in the recent past. From the Mombasa story where young girls were caught having sex with dogs and now a similar story has emerged.

A Kenyan lady has come out to expose an Indian man who was allegedly inviting her to his house to have sex with his German Shepherd dog. From the conversation (screenshots) the lady is trying to plead with the Muhindi guy to send her money first but he refuses telling her to go have sex with his dog first.

The brave lady tells him that she has never had sex with a dog but he insists that he loves his wife so much and cannot fcuk her. He further tells her that he will have sex without protection which scares the lady who later pulls out of the conversation.

Ladies, would you do that if given money in exchange of you engaging in beastiality? Even when you know it is a sin forbidden in the Bible? And outlawed in Kenya?.