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We really need to ask just where our gospel music industry is headed! Just the other day, Kenyans were an infuriated lot when singers Willy Paul and Size 8 released their latest jam titled Tiga Wana. The song and the two artistes received heavy backlash from many people, who felt that the song was never a gospel track.


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 The two, however, came out to strongly defend TW, saying that they used the phrase “tiga wana” as a literal way of condemning the devil. How now? SMH!!

There has been an endless argument about the status of the so-called Kenyan ‘gospel music industry’. Some say that a lot of gospel artistes in Kenya are only in the industry, not to spread the holy word of God, but just for commercial gain….

Anyways, a Kenyan artiste calling himself SBJ (like Sabina Joy or something) who claims to be a gospel singer has created a storm after releasing a song titled Nyonyo. Breasts!! In the song, he’s heard telling God to give him Nyonyo… Like seriously!!!

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And as usual, Kenyans couldn’t let this pass without a fracas. They have bashed this song, and the singer without a pinch of mercy.

Joseeykyarrieh: “Ngai fafa!!!!!!!! This Joke has been taken too far. SOMEBODY KILL THIS GUY BEFORE HE FINDS A FEMALE AND REPRODUCE!!!!”

Evans Skass Yebo wrote: “Hii Ngoma Ni Poa Msee Akiskiza Ka Amezima Radio,Upuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus.”

Nicole Mbithe said: “WHAT THE HELL KIND OF GOSPEL SONG IS THIS?????????????”

Kennedy Kang’ethe wrote: “Yesu nipe Nyonyo! hahahahahahahaha I need a drink!”

Kwamboka Mokeira said: “And people will still say that ‘who are we to judge’? and that this is gospel music.”

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James Gathima wrote, “The most disgusting song of all [email protected]#”

Eva Kattee: “before mtu atumie analogy ya “nyonyo” there has to be something really wrong.”

Douglas Ogwaya said, “What the F*CK is this?”

shyla musone: “useless as the singer himself…what on earth is he talking about????he looks confused..silly song from a silly singer..wee enda ukalale…gaiz are joking with God na mtachapwa msikiie…”