Mother from hell injects baby with bleach
Mother from hell injects baby with bleach

A mother has been jailed after she admitted injecting bleach and liquid soap into her baby daughter, and cutting her with a razor because she felt no affection for the little girl.

Elif K. has sparked controversy in Turkey’s biggest city, Istanbul, as she was investigated twice before by police and both times released and reunited with her daughter Eylul Miray.

She finally handed herself in the third time her child went to hospital, and has admitted she started torturing her from the age of one month.

Elif told prosecutors: ‘I couldn’t love my daughter, I couldn’t warm towards her. I decided to torture her.

‘Since she was one month old I injected bleach and liquid soap into her ears, nose and belly button, until she started bleeding.

‘Then I took her to the hospital for treatment. When they let her back home, I continued torturing her. I was injecting her with bleach and soap as well as cutting her with a razor in her head, eyes, legs, arms and chest.

‘When she was at the hospital, I injected the liquid soap from the hospital into her veins. I also injected bleach at home into her veins.’

Elif, who lived with her husband Eray K., and their three children in the Avcilar district of Istanbul, first came under suspicion when Eylul, the youngest, kept falling ill.

Her father took her to a doctor after she started bleeding from her ears and belly button, as well as having bruises all over her body. However, the doctor was unable to diagnose the problem.

When her condition deteriorated, the then nine-month-old baby was rushed to the Istanbul University Medicine Faculty Hospital.

After diagnosing her with a fractured skull, as well as scratches and bruises all over her body, doctors grew suspicious and contacted police who launched an investigation.

Elif was arrested and questioned but later released after she convinced cops of her innocence.

Elif has already appeared in court where she was found guilty of torturing her baby and sent to prison. A further hearing will be held to determine her sentence.

Eylul is now living in the care of her father Eray and is reportedly starting to regain her health.


Credits: Daily Mail