The end times seem to be here. Men have turned into beasts. If they are not committing bestiality they are busy fornicating and even raping young children. Who is going to save our children, our girls, the future leaders of tomorrow? Cases of grown up men bragging how they bed young girls who are still in primary school have been rampant in the recent past leaving Kenyans with many questions than answers.

Meet Ken Wa Mwangi, The Man Who Was Fired After He Made Sexually Offensive Remarks About Underage Girls (Photos)

It started with Ken wa Mwangi, who made sexually offensive remarks about underage girls that annoyed many and he was arrested. Right now, another Kenyan man by the name Boaz Arasa aka Mkombozi is the talk of the town after claiming he enjoys sleeping with minors.

What is happening to the world? Where did we go wrong?

Screenshots from a conversation between Boaz Arasa and a pal have surfaced online with many condemning this bad behavior and calling upon the government to take action.

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