Joyce Maina

Joyce Maina, a popular actress is in need of help. Her father, one James Maina Muika disappeared without a trace on the 21st April, this year.

Maina Muikia was traveling from Embu on a Sunday before he went missing. Police have traced his phone along the Embu-Mwea road, the last phone callconversation was with his wife in which he informed her that he would be joining his family Saturday night.

Joyce Maina father

The vehicle he was travelling in has also gone missing.

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Joyce took to social media to let Kenyans know of the disappearance of her loved one.

“Hey guys. So I know I haven’t been 100% myself this past week and it’s because my dad has been missing since 21st April. We tried to stay positive and deal with this quietly but we need your help. Please share the poster above and the car and any information you can share will be highly appreciated.”

Here is the car he was traveling in:

Joyce Maina father