Avril is finally engaged. This is her second engagement after splitting with her former South African fiancé.

This comes weeks after giving birth to a child that is rumoured to have been fathered by a leading music director.

A photo of her showing a man proposing to her has reached the Mpasho.co.ke desk, and it seems this time round, the relationship is going places.

I mean, she has kept him on the down low, yaani the budding relationship is so low key unlike her previous beau, Muga.

First of all, check out the ring the South African tycoon bought her.

avril and muga

Reports had it that Dillish Mathew, a Namibian socialite was the rumoured, other woman who scattered the relationship. Something that is yet to be confirmed.

Yes, she is the same woman that was rumoured to have been enjoying herself with Diamond in Zanzibar when Zari was heavily pregnant.

Hatujasema anything. We are just stating facts.

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Moving on, here is Avril’s latest engagement, if you look closely, the mystery man in the shadow is kneeling down and asking for the singer’s hand in marriage.