Diana and Bahati

Diana Marua, wife to gospel singer Bahati has set the bar high.

Bahati and Diana Marua

The mother of one yesterday surprised her husband Bahati with a brand new Range Rover on his birthday’s eve.

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Although many claim it’s a publicity stunt because the mini-ceremony was sponsored tours and travels company Bonfire Adventures, Bahati took to social media to thank his wife for the gift. He wrote;

I will always cherish these moments. Thanks so much babe 😘😘 and thanks @BonfireSafaris for organizing a cool surprise dinner.

Check out the photos




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Surprised Bahati enters his new car
Bahati’s new toy

Bahati'sb Range Rover

 Below are reactions from Kenyans

Toto Moto: Warembo wangu wote changaneni mnishikie subaru ya blue..usishtuke ukijipata group ya maex wangu pale whatsapp na iko na hadi paybill😈😈

Lucy Flora: There are wives and there are WIVES #BahatiBonfireSurprise

Kenya Marketers: Ladies I bet we need a talk 🤔 Kwani Mbavu yangu ilichemsha supu? Diana & @BonfireSafaris Good Job

Its DJtabz: Relationship goals 🙌🙌 #BahatiBonfireSurprise

Erato Bryn: Love your girl/wife ,TRUST each other SUPPORT each other, You’ll move mountains, You’ll go places. Proud of you @BahatiKenya and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!🎂 #BahatiBonfireSurprise

ItsGitau: I need another Girlfriend #bahatiBonfireSurprise

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