When Stephanie received a call from her sister telling her she was pregnant, she feared the worst and urgently told her not to do anything rash.

But what faced her when she got home was a sister drenched in blood, dying while her mother sat in the other room.

“The only way I could tell that she was alive was by asking her to move her fingers. She wasn’t talking or moving at all.

“I tried to ask her, why don’t we tell mum, but she just replied – “I would rather die than tell her.””

Over 2,600 women die everyday from unsafe abortions despite there being safe and legal alternatives. The 2010 Constitution of Kenya states:

“Abortion is not permitted unless in the opinion of a trained health care professional, if there is need for emergency treatment or the life or health of the mother in in danger, or if permitted by any other written law.”

One reason behind this is that girls are afraid to find help, because of the stigma behind abortions.

Safe abortions need to be discussed openly in order to save lives. If you or anyone you know need any information, advice or just someone to talk to contact Marie Stopes Kenya on 0800 720 005 free.