Size 8 and Masterpiece

Its normally believed that men should have short hair throughout and should keep decent cuts.

The trying out of colors was left for women but here are some of the top celebrities who raise eyebrows thank to their hairstyle choices.

Bahati- the musician behind Mama and Wanani has always kept his hair in locks for as far as we have known him as a musician. Recently he started trying colors out and they still look good.

Bahati in court
Willy Paul- the hit maker behind the songs I do and Njiwa is known for his million and one stunts but also for his good looks and hair, at the beginning of his music career he started off with blow outs and curly hair. It later transformed to dyes and now he rocks dreads. His hair is always good and unique

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Nameless- the legendary nameless, one of the few artists who have remained relevant has still managed to keep his looks. His trademark hat look is the way fans recognize his brand. He rocks his sunglasses even at night and of course the dreads which have grown over the years and has just became how we know him.

Anto Neosoul – the radio presenter has great hair which suits him and I can’t even imagine how he’d look without the dreadlocks.

Masterpiece – if you are looking for someone who constantly changes his hair, trust me you can’t keep up with it. He has all experiments of hair done on his, today he has short hair tomorrow he has pink or blue hair and at the end still manages to look good.


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Dufanda – the gifted hands. He is a barber and recently became a father. He is known for his barber skills and even if he gives good cuts, he decides to keep his hair in locks.