Kilimani Mums facebook page has morphed into too many splinter groups, the latest of which has men in it.

Women have chided about this group saying any man who is in any Kilimani Mums group akona na umama. And the ladies who are in relationships with those men are in lesbian relationships.

Anyhow, that is not the point of this post.

Kilimani Mums are known to air their thought without holding back. They have gone after Lilian Muli, Sheila Mwanyigha and even Size 8, mercilessly.

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The latest casualty of their caustic posts is TV reporter Anne Mawathe. She did a story about the health sector situation by trailing a pregnant woman, who unfortunately due to the doctors strike couldn’t get any help to deliver her child and thus lost her baby.

A post has been circulating online castigating the journalist.

It reads, “I am feeling bad that Citizen TV followed a woman as she struggled to get help as she labored. Worse still it’s a woman the one Anne Mawathe who highlighted the story. They watched her get turned away from Pumwani and instead of taking her to the closest clinic, they followed her in the traffic to St Mary Hospital. The baby sadly did not survive and citizen got its story.Is it right? Ann Mawathe shame on you. Citizen TV shame on you. Inooro TV shame on you.”

Check out what Kilimani Mums thought about all this

Sasha Seraphine Mbote Citizen TV are idiots if the story I am reading is true. If that silly girl thought she was trying her own style of investigative reporting she failed and failed the nation. NKT

Wanja Kariuki I thot the same thing dint make she was wincing in pain kwa mat kwanza..

Karago Kabura wrote, “I also got angered. Citizen how could you. May you also have a share of the missery. Why didn’t you choose to take her to agha Khan, mpsha guru Nanak or one of the many private clinics nearby. It could have been a story of successful delivery and how you intervened in a wanting situation. But anyway we understand who your masters are right.”

Charity Muri At one point I blamed them for the death of that baby its like they knew atakufa.,…y follow her that much?why was she their only target to their story and it happened the baby died for them to get their story… many unanswered question

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Carol J Marabu I watched it, I was in tears as that woman lost her baby. Do they know the pain of loosing a child? It is the most painful thing. You feel like the world is on a stand still. I know what that woman felt.

Pauline Gladys To them getting the story and showing how the government has failed is all they want. That’s not professional at all.

Omara Kemunto Hata ile huruma ya kusaidia mwanamke mwenzao hawakua nayo, just to get a story ndio nini ihappen? Is this just to make their bosses proud of them, shame on you, citizen and tp however made that story, nkt

Lyn Kwamboka The enter royal media is always against the government so i think thats y they followed that woman to show the kenya how the government has failed but the person that reported that news has failed

Jane Muriithi defended Anne: “Don’t blame them,they cannot help all mothers who are being turned away from public hospital, their work is to drive a point home,they are not medics or red cross pliz,stop blaming them,how many times have we passed people in problems and we don’t help yet we are capable just bcoz we don’t want to be accountable,leave janoulists alone,they are doing their work.”

Waithira Wa Wagachira they could have helped her and atleast take her to Mother and Child (which is in Eastleigh and not very far from pumwani) or guru nanka which is in pangani instead of following her as she made hereby to St Marys langata which is far and for crying out the woman was in labour the Pain you can only imgyn.

Waithira Wa Wambui Citizen tv sijui niseme u watch a woman loose her child u show up unannounced at a new mothers house who delivered quadruplets empty handed to do an interview u ask job applicants for money watch this space in a few years will be so down the food chain

Jane Wahu Kioi Wameovertakiwa na yule mlinzi wa lango alizalisha mama huko western in the name of news making

Wanjiru Violet Shame on them ghasia at some point unaona maji imezidi unga unajitolea ata nairobi west hospital heri tuchangange. Hii tamaa ya exposes nayo

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