A disgruntled city man has body-shamed his wife for having stretch marks and sagging boobs.

He says after his wife gave birth her body appearance changed. She’s no longer attractive and doesn’t have feelings for her again.

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He wrote a letter to a relationship expert lamenting about his wife’s body.

I can’t sleep with my wife and be happy. The stretch marks are too much. Her breasts are a turn-off. One is sagging and one is straight up. After giving birth her body changed.

I love my children but sex is not the same with my wife. Her birthday is coming and I will be forced to have sex with her. I’m so unhappy. I will be happy if she finds another man. As for me, I can’t do it. The stretch marks on her thighs and waist area turn me off,’ he wrote.

The post didn’t go well as many lashed out at him. Reactions from fans include;

gbekewinifred Shame on all men who complain about their wives. It is not her fault, sit her down and talk to her and look for solutions, encourage her to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly, also join her in the gym.

mzamaka Stupid man.

offcialetin She put her life in danger by giving birth to have your kids. And now you are unhappy, Hmm 🤔 they are such men like this in this world? I love my wife’s stretch marks after she had my baby.

ogey.k Women are going through a lot. So childbearing is now a disease

kindnessfidelis Don’t be stupid man, get the products that will clear the stretch marks and register her with a gym. Stock up the fridge with veggies and fruits. Carry your cross with pride and stop sounding unfortunate.

bruhno_trayvon Modern day marriages wouldn’t last 5 years😂😂 complains here and there from stretch marks to side chic to small p*nis to hidden conversation God just give me 2 kids I’m fine. Marriage is not for everyone.

itsdebs If you don’t like it and want to be so loud about it at least, have the money to give her for cosmetic surgery (if she’s up for it) don’t just come and be saying I don’t like it blah blah. No money nothing. Shut up.

meeday It’s obvious you married her for her body and not her as a person🙄💔😪

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norahdiz Useless man.

mhizvicky We single ladies need to start discussing surgery after birth with our partners before marriage. If he can’t afford or accept no marriage 😥😥😥 to avoid stories like this.

dedelushh This is a simple issue money can solve. Just pay for stretch mark laser removal, breast implants, tummy tuck, vaginal reconstruction and some spa treatments after. No need to complain when the medicine is at your disposal. Spend that money…if not, shut up.

mzijeoma_gift You speak ill of your wife then you a big fool and an idiot, all those ladies that you are sleeping with without stretch marks on their body will definitely have it after and during pregnancy so what’s the difference.

jesuferanmi The stretch marks she got was from carrying your baby for 9 good solid months. The sagging breast was from breastfeeding. Do you think it is easy? Instead of complaining, why not enroll your wife in a fitness program after weaning? Why not try to help her get her body back? Try to make her look sexy for you at all times. Sit her down and talk to her about it Sir. There’s no way she won’t listen to what you have to say. You men can do better.. instead of carrying all these young girls and forgetting that the condition your wife is in now is because she brought your child to this world.

mikislim How do women end up marrying stupid men like this?

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kayanmata Instead of leaving her, why not find solutions to the problem. Get a stretch marks removal for her. I think it’s best for you two.