A Kenyan family in Makueni is in mourning after their father Bishop Joel Mwendwa was hacked to death by a Sudanese boy in what he termed ‘loud prayers’.

Bishop Mwendwa, whose church had a congregation of over 3,000 worshippers, hails from Wote in Makueni County and has been preaching in South Sudan for over 10 years. He met his death on June 24 by a boy whom he considered a neighbour.

Joel met his death as he was leading a congregation of Kenyans when his assailant described by police as “a boy” and a neighbour of his church along Bilpam Road in Munuki estate, Juba, killed him using a panga during the 6.30am prayers.

Bloody-Knife-MurderSouth Sudan police spokesman, Brigadier General Daniel Justin, confirmed the incident,

“As the congregation was going on with morning prayers, a man in the neighbourhood of the church walked to the front of the church with a machete and attacked the bishop. He slashed him several times before he fell down.”

According to the Sudan Tribune, witnesses said the boy often smoked illicit substances and that the two started having differences when the Bishop Mwendwa travelled back from Kenya only to find that he (boy) had stolen the church’s bamboo fence.
Bishop Mwendwa’s body has since been flown home for burial. Sudan is regarded as a war torn country which most people would not love to live in but that did not  deter Bishop Mwendwa from going there to spread the gospel.
Kenya hosts many refugees who have run away from the war torn area but the same reception is not extended to Kenyans living there.