Safari Link airplane

A Safari Link plane veered off the runway at Wilson airport around 12:30 after a tyre burst. Emergency services were called to the scene.

There were no casualties but the incident prompted runway 14 to be closed.

The incident occurred at intersection RWY 07 and 14. The plane model De Havilland Dash-8 (5Y-SLD) had a tyre burst on landing.

This is the second tyre related incident for Safarilink in less than two weeks at Wilson. Runway 14 reportedly still closed.

Not again! Silverstone officials issue statement after plane’s emergency landing in Eldoret

On October 11, 2019 at about 0902, a Silverstone Air Services Fokker 27 Mark 050 registration 5Y-IZO experienced runway excursion on takeoff runway 14 at Wilson Airport.

The aircraft was performing a scheduled flight from Wilson airport to Mombasa with 55 occupants onboard (5 crew and 50 passengers) vvhen it overran the runway, following an aborted takeoff.

The aircraft started to deviate to the right of the runway axis when it departed the paved surface of the runway, collided with the perimeter fence, went through an embankment, before coming to rest skewed to the right after the starboard wing made contact with a tree.

The passengers were deplaned through the two left hand side front and rear exit doors. Eight passengers were reported to have suffered slight injuries.

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