TD Jakes

Popular televangelists Bishop TD Jakes and his wife Serita are living large.

The couple owns a private jet, a multi-billion mansion in Texas, a fleet of expensive cars among them a Rolls Royce Phathom. The man of God’s net worth is $18 million.

Bishop TD Jakes

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Bishop TD Jakes, who has been named as the wealthiest pastor for many consecutive years, is also a best selling author and movie producer.

The founder of The Potter’s House church also has a fetish for gold Rolex watches and he is always spotted wearing one whenever he steps out.

Well, over the weekend he shared a photo posing with his wife, who was wearing a Fendi
Women’s Black Mania Off-the-shoulder Dress.

The Fendi dress costs a whopping Sh 190, 000.

Bishop TD Jakes with his wife
Serita Jakes wearing a Fendi dress worth Sh190,000

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Fendi dressMany reacted to Mrs Jakes’ dress and some of the comments include;

_maryjanelovee While the congregation struggling 😣they in Fendi prints😩😩

malisablack For the cost of her outfit she could have done a lot better for a lot less.

malisablack I wouldn’t have a problem if I saw the name JESUS on her outfit

fancii_fliintstone 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 and this is why I don’t go to church. I’m not give yall churches no $100 Hope’s for yall to be dripping!!! Yall suppose to be helping the community, not drippy.

ellehayz Getting rich off people’s faith. Smh. Everything wrong with religion

virgogoddess She’s too old for this look especially being a pastor wife *clutches pearls *

president.lockhart Church is a hustle

The Jakes are equivalent to Kenya’s pastors, the Kiunas, who lead a flashy lifestyle.

Bishop Allan Kiuna and Rev Kathy Kiuna of JCC are said to be the richest pastors in Kenya. They own expensive cars, a multi-million mansion in Runda among other things.

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Kathy is known for her unique fashion and always wears expensive clothes with matching turbans, designer handbags, and shoes.

The city pastors are currently in the USA and they took a pic with Bishop Jakes.

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