By now word has filtered to you and yours that Esther Arunga, once the darling of the media fraternity, nay, the nation really has decided to leave her husband, Quincy Timberlake behind Australian bars. What a sad end to what seemed to be a turbulent marriage seeing as they were always embroiled in drama. Then again, I for one cannot say I didn’t see this coming.

But now, the question remains. Will Esther Arunga return or will she remain in Australia? Whatever the case may be, though her husband Quincy Timberlake remains innocent until proven guilty in the mysterious death of their son, Esther Arunga-Timberlake has to start rebuilding her life. In whichever hemisphere she may choose to do that, the case still stands.

Finger of God

<Finger of God>

But consider if you would for a moment what that would entail if she were to come back home. Let us start with what she can expect:


The sad truth of the matter is that schadenfreude is more than just a “thing”. It is real. And people love nothing more than reminding the high and mighty just how steep their fall is.
I would say she could overcome this with the love and support of her family but to be honest, she burnt so many bridges, she would have to start her road to recovering her life on her knees or prostrate on the ground begging for forgiveness.



This one is really self explanatory. The humiliation she no doubt will encounter had started long ago from the “Finger of God” days. But now as her life seems to have fallen apart, it will be tenfold. Then again, she seems to have a thick head skinso she should be able to weather the storm that no doubt lies ahead along her road to redemption.


Everything said and done, this is a mother who lost her son and Australian authorities investigating the circumstances of the incident implicated her husband. This one is no doubt the worst battle she’ll have to face because unlike all the others, the battlefield of this war is going to be waged in her heart and mind.

My mother told me some of the fears she will have to face include, “What could I have done to protect my son?“, “Why didn’t I see the signs?

Esther Arunga and baby

And I know my learned friends will be rushing to insist that Quincy is innocent till proven guilty but Esther’s forsaking him now sends a powerful message.


But all is not lost. If Hellon and his wife managed to rebuild themselves, Esther surely can.