Boniface Kirui

Nairobi, the city of cool waters, is known to be one of the tough places to find a job on earth. A hardcore concrete jungle.

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26-year-old Boniface Kirui is among the many city residents who are suffering due to lack of jobs.

Just like any other lucky child, Kirui managed to graduate from Moi University with a business management degree in finance and banking and CPA I. The young man who was born and bred in Olesoi village in Kibreret ward, Bomet County never lacked anything thanks to his hardworking parents.

Boniface Kirui

But, after joining campus (Moi University Kericho town campus) in 2011 things totally changed for this young man who dreamt of becoming a banker. Life was not as sweet as it used to be when he was still young.

At this time, his parents had to provide for his younger siblings thus he was left to his own devices.

He had to face the cold reality of paying his way through campus.

“My younger siblings had joined secondary school and my family was struggling financially. Paying for school fees was a challenge and in between, I had to do menial jobs like hawking second-hand clothes, especially T-shirts and jeans trousers to my fellow students to earn some pocket money. At other times, I would approach businesses in Eldoret town to run errands for them as a messenger, whenever I had a free day from class. This saw me earn Sh50 per task and I would make a maximum of Sh150 in a day.

Though this was only twice in a week, it kept me going as I would invest it in second-hand clothing. But the small business could not grow because I was using the little profit to support my living expenses and part of my school fees. For the four years that I studied, I juggled between menial jobs and school work. I eventually graduated in 2015,” Kirui told Daily Nation


Kirui who has been sending out job applications every time he comes across job advertisements, came to Nairobi in December last year in search of greener pastures hasn’t panned out. He is yet to get his dream job.

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Boniface lives in Kibera with a friend from his village, whom they cost share house rent with which is Ksh. 2,500. The Moi University graduate now works with a security company and he is paid Ksh.7,000 a month which he says isn’t enough for him and his family.

“I have been sending out job applications every so often. But so far none of the banks and financial institutions I have applied to has called me for an interview. I always dreamt of working in a bank or this big financial institution. I imagined myself smartly dressed in a suit and a tie as I headed to work every morning.But that has not yet come to be. I’m a working as a guard at Agape Court in Madaraka Estate, Nairobi,” he told Daily Nation. 

Just like other Nairobians struggling to make ends meet, Kirui tarmacs every day to work hoping that one day he will get a job as a banker and dress nicely like those who do white collar jobs,

“After paying rent, I’m left with very little to send to my parents back home. There is hardly enough money to take me through the month, the money is not even enough for bus fare alone, so I walk to work,” he added. 

Kirui is convinced that not all is gone and that one day, God will answer his prayers and he will help his supportive parents.

“My parents feel as though they have wasted their resources, though they have not given up on me. I too feel the same. So far, this degree certificate has not helped me to improve my life.”

His mother is caring and Kirui says that it’s her strong words that keep him going.

“She always tells me that my time will come.”

There are so many youths out here suffering just like Boniface Kirui and we hope that the government will do something to help them.