KisII University student

A 24-year-old Kisii University student Leah Momanyi was found raped and killed at her house in Sunton Kasarani.

 Leah Momanyi
Gate leading to Leah’s house in Sunton, Kasarani

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Leah’s boyfriend Benson Chacha, told Citizen TV that he had just arrived from Migori when he found her lifeless body on the bed. There were bloodstains on the floor as well.

Kuingia nikampata amelala across the bed half-naked (Upon entering the house, I saw her lying across the bed half-naked). I was very confused,’ Chacha said.

In another interview with The Star, he said

I am very traumatised by the murder of this young niece of mine. Leah was a very humble young girl. The police have taken long to commence investigations.

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Leah Momanyi, who had come to the city to work and raise money for her school fees, lived alone.

The caretaker of the apartment told DCI officials that on that fateful day, he heard screams at around 11:35 pm but couldn’t locate where they were coming from.

 Leah Momanyi
Leah Momanyi’s door

According to the postmortem result, the fourth-year student was raped, strangled and stabbed to death.

Below are photos of Leah Momanyi

 Leah Momanyi  Leah Momanyi  Leah Momanyi

 Leah Momanyi

Kenyans have called upon DCI to speed up the investigations and help Momanyi’s family get justice.

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