Papa Shirandula buried

Losing a loved one must be the one of the most traumatic experience In life.

Knowing that the person who you were fond of or familiar with is no more is the hardest thing in life.

However, life must go on and no one is bound to live forever, with that said.

Here’s a list of celebrities who passed away in 2020 that we shall dearly miss;

1. Comedian Kasee- This year came as a shocker, not only was COVID-19 too much to handle but the sudden death of Churchill comedian Kasee was announced on the internet in June this year.

Fans could not believe that the funny man who was growing career wise was no more.

Joseph Musyoki Kivindu alias Kasee was found dead by the roadside in Kinoo, Kiambu County.

Kasee who was battling depression and heavy drinking had reportedly left home to go drinking with friends and later on found dead the next day.

Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill during the burial of Kasee

The cause of his death remained unknown until an autopsy report revealed that he had been poisoned, information later shared by Laugh industry’s Waudo.

Kasee who was laid to rest at his rural home in Matuu, Machakos County left behind his wife and two children.

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2. Othuol Othuol- This has got to be one of the funniest people we had in comedy.

From stand-up comedy on Churchill live show to playing the role of a comic security officer in Aunty Boss, Othuol Othuol perfected comedy and people loved it.

However on October 11, 2020, Kenyans woke up to the sad news of his demise at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Ben Maurice also known as Othuol Othuol had been battling brain tumor and was receiving treatment for 2 weeks in Kenyatta hospital.

The comedian was also struggling from alcoholism and also had tuberculosis for a while before taking his last bow.

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3. Papa Shirandula– Papa Shirandula’s death was one that made headlines and spread across all media outlets.

Papa ShirandulaSo big was the celebrated thespian that the announcement of his death made it to BBC channel, after all Papa was well known all over, after his famous Brrr!! Signature tune on the famous Coca-Cola advert he was bound to be all over.

Papa’s death came as a shock to fans with whom fellow actress and comedian Jackline Nyaminde, better known as Wilbroda confirmed his death.

Shirandula, died on July 18, 2020 while waiting to receive treatment after taking COVID-19 tests awaiting other tests done on him.

According to his wife, Shirandula had developed breathing problems and had undertaken coronavirus, pneumonia and malaria tests but shifted the blame to Karen hospital where he passed away for negligence by concentrating on COVID-19 tests and ignoring the other tests.

4. Lady Maureen – But why 2020? If there was a time that Ohangla was left with a huge gap then this is the time.

The queen of Ohangla Lady Maureen famed for singing songs celebrating her luo culture lost her life on July 11, 2020.

The singer who had been ill from 2018 and been discharged from the hospital and was recovering at her cousin’s place when she died.

The singer had previously been rumored to be dead after being admitted in the hospital but came out to refute claims despite her weak state.

5. Abenny Jachinga- Ohangla has been hit hard this year, we lost Lady Maureen and celebrated Ohangla star Jachinga all in the same year, could the world be anymore cruel?

Ohangla star Abenny Jachinga famed for his popular song ‘Mano Kasinde’ fell into the cruel hands of death on June 11.

A before the queen of Ohangla also died. Jachinga’s burial became the talk of the town after chaos erupted where fans demanded for a proper burial for the musician.

Jachinga had been buried in a similar fashion to coronavirus’ dead patients and fans were bothered by the quick burial, chaos later on erupted to the point where the police became involved and threw teargas at the youths involved in the saga.

According to reports the renowned Ohangla musician had been frequenting the hospital since he was battling pneumonia and was admitted to St. Jairus Hospital in Kisumu on June 9, 2020 and thereafter died onJune 11, 2020 while undergoing treatment.

6. Papa Dennis– Popular gospel singer Papa Dennis was another big name whose death moved the nation.

The artist died under unclear circumstances, he was found dead right near the Jubilee headquarters in Pangani.

There were a lot of questions surrounding his death with witnesses claiming that papa was in a studio session owned by legendary producer Mash Mjukuu and fell from 7th floor in the building.

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding his death but Papa Dennis will be highly missed.

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7. Former president Daniel Arap Moi- This has got to be one memorable occasion.

President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru bids Moi goodbye at state house

When the longest serving president of Kenya was pronounced dead.

He was accorded a state burial with thousands allowed from all over the country allowed to view his body at the state house in Nairobi.

The former president of the country died at the age of 95 and news spread across all media outlets globally on his death.

8. Kevin Oliech- 2020 is too long for us, it’s like two whole years are in it.

Dave Etale, Ken Oliech, Apache and Sharzy (Kevin’s in-law)

With such sad news who wouldn’t want the year to be over immediately?

The Oliech family after losing mama Oliech now served some sad news on the death of Dennis Oliech’s brother Kevin Oliech who had been battling cancer for four years before succumbing to the disease in Germany.

Oliech played for Mathare United and Thika United.

9. Ken Walibora- The death of renowned author Ken Walibora came as a surprise to fans as he was not suffering from any illness.

Ken Walibora died in unknown circumstances, first it was thought to be a hit and run incident then followed an autopsy report that revealed that Kidagaa Kimemwozea author died from internal bleeding which was caused by a stab wound and other injuries.

The respected journalist was stabbed and hit by a matatu in parklands.

He succumbed to the injuries after being rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital by a Good Samaritan.

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