Awinja And Naliaka

Kenyan are becoming too much. Some people are taking jokes too far. Killing people on the internet seems to be the current trend. Just recently, they killed and buried Conjestina Achieng and former VP Moody Awori.

Mpasho Exclusive: KOT Kill Conjestina! But It’s Her Brother That Died

This time round, a local blog broke the news that Papa Shirandula’s actress Daisy Odeko popularly known as Naliaka was dead. They went ahead to post the story and used Awinja’s photo as the featured image. Why kill people yet they are still alive? How would you feel if the same was done to you?




Bloggers should shun such shoddy reporting. Be credible, bold, tell the truth and do not exaggerate. Be like Mpasho, we apply all the codes of conducts when it comes to such sensitive stories. What if someone’s sues you? Don’t do stories for the sake of click bait in and of itself. Blogs should lead by example and not mislead people. It’s so unfair to kill innocent beings.

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The story has gone viral, and the agitated Awinja has come out to lash at the blog calling them out for faking stories. She confirmed that neither Naliaka nor herself were dead; they are very much okay.