Life is a rather tricky roller coaster ride with some high highs and really low lows. But that cannot be helped I guess. You just have to buckle up and take it as it comes. However, the thing about adulting is that we are all too familiar with the fact that this isn’t how things usually go. Sometimes taking one on the chin breaks your jaw.

And that seems to be what happened to Bernard Onyango. For those of you who are from the skinny jeans generation, Bernard Onyango was at one point a prominent feature on our TV screens who would get us upto speed with the latest happenings in the world on sport.

He was one of KBC most recognizable news anchors but for some reason he seemed to vanish into obscurity. And as they say, out of sight, out of mind. The man only recently resurfaced looking worse for wear.
Actually, it was only by chance that we recognized the haggard figure for a one time popular sports news anchor.

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