Huddah Monroe and Godiamo

Renowned French businessman Gontran Diamo popularly known as Godiamo is dead.


The Angolan entrepreneur and Paris Saint Germain Football Club die-hard supporter, committed suicide yesterday in Miami.

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Godiamo, who was known for his flashy lifestyle; traveled in private jets, owned multimillion businesses across the world, wore designer shoes, clothes and watches, took to Instagram to reveal that he was going to commit suicide moments before he took his own life by jumping off the 10th floor of a building near Brick City Centre, Miami Florida.

His note read;


Tell my mother that I love her with all my heart. I have always fought so that she lacks nothing and forgives those who hurt me. Dad too I love you so much ♥ ️, to my brothers and sisters.

And to his fiancee only identified as Smart girl, he wrote;

Smartgirl I loved you, I love you and I will always love you. My friends, I love you, love us alive. NB: I hope for you that you will be very rich after my death.

One Joel Franco shared the sad news and he tweeted:

Heartbreaking: A man jumped off the 10th floor of an apartment building near Brickell City Center this evening. Police confirmed it was a suicide.

If you are feeling depressed or having suicidal thoughts, contact the National Suicide Prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255.

Depression is real and recently, most countries launched hotlines for anyone who’s suicidal to contact them.

Godiamo’s case has shocked many among them singer Davido, one of the personalities he interacted with regularly

Davido: Bro please tell me what I’m hearing is not true!!

Godiamo with Davido
Godiamo with Davido

Alwawi: Dodiamo was living the best lfe man: Sad he had to commit suicide. r.i.p

According to sources, Godiamo committed suicide because of a relationship gone sour with his friends-cum-business partners.

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Bizzle Osikiya: Heard they did a deal with him, cheated him and wanted to kill him using black magic

Mambo Mdara: So godiamo’s friends were involved in black magic and tried to sacrifice him. Godiamo’s death really pains me. The guy had so much potential.

Bells: So Godiamo committed suicide and left a note about his own friends trying to sacrifice him spiritually. He was an inspiration to many people, especially Africa, he did so much work there 😢❤️

Godiamo allegedly dated Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe back in 2015.



Huddah had visited France, where Godiamo was mostly based and posted;

IT’s always important to have good and cool friends around the world. welcome to my city sweety.

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Last year, when Godiamo and visited Kenya, Huddah shared photos hanging out with him. Godiamo visited various places in the country among them Masaai Mara.