An elephant trampled an Italian tourist to death at Kulalu ranch in Tsavo National Park after he moved closer to take a better photo.

The man who is identified as Fernando Mocclola jetted into the country a few weeks ago in the company his wife and they couple has been staying at Swara Camp.

Mocclola was reportedly having breakfast with his wife in their tent when he left to take photos of the elephant at a watering hole near River Sabaki.

Speaking to journalists, Malindi Police Chief Muchangi Mutava said the 66-year-old man might have provoked the elephant by moving too close while trying to get the best shots.

“He may have moved closer to them provoking the one that charged at him after it felt it was under a threat,” he said.

Mutava says the deceased sustained serious injuries to his left leg and he died at the camp while officials made efforts to airlift him to Malindi Hospital for treatment.

Sources say the man and his wife have been in the country for more than four weeks now and were scheduled to depart Kenya next month when their tourist visa expires.

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