Willis Raburu

Citizen TV news anchor Willis Raburu is one of the most loved and appreciated reporters in the media industry and there is no doubt that his sense of humour is one thing that gets him fans.

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But sadly, you may not be able to see him on your TV screens for a while, especially for those who love to watch Citizen’s morning show, Power Breakfast, where he hosts with the beautiful Kirigo Ng’arua.

This is following an accident that happened in studio on Tuesday, Jan 13, that led to Willis dislocating a kneecap, which he admits was intensely painful.

The cheerful news reporter shared the sad news with his fans on his social media alongside a photo of his injured leg.

Willis urged his fans to remember him in their prayers for a quick recovery so that he can go back to do what he does best in the studio.

The humble presenter also thanked his workmates and friends for the assistance they offered when the incident happened, saying he could not have made it without them.

Here is what he wrote:

Hey people, So yesterday i dislocated my knee cap, that was a new level of pain…If it wasn’t for my work mates and friends though i don’t think i would have made it thru the day jana. So now I’m on knee brace and crutches as i undergo some physiotherapy, ill be out of work for a while but will be back! Meanwhile keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Lets keep talking online ?

We wish Willis Raburu a quick recovery. See the photo of his injured leg below.


See how he got injured in the video below