A young woman has been killed in a shocking head-on crash – while driving to her own wedding.

The 23-year-old was heading to meet her groom after getting her hair done ahead of the civil ceremony.

But what was meant to be her ‘happiest day’ instead became one of sadness and horror for friends and relatives after her car was crumpled?

The bride was pronounced dead at the crash site and her body was shown lying on the ground under a cover.

Her female passenger was badly injured and rushed to the hospital.

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A Nissan driven by a 31-year-old man rammed into her Lada as it overtook another car on a busy road in Russia.

He and a female passenger were also hospitalised.

‘This was supposed to be your happiest day, and now you’re dead’, said a message posted by a relative.

Instead of attending her wedding, relatives were forced to organise her funeral.

Her heartbroken husband, 26, was the last to leave the cemetery.His mother 57, said: ‘They had such a bright, strong love.

‘He was madly in love with her.

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‘He would call her after waking up in the morning, and in the evening when he was back home from work.

‘He had her photos on his phone, on his computer.

‘I don’t know how will he live now.’

A friend said: ‘She was so bright and happy. How could this happen on what should have been her best day?’



Source: Daily Mail