Sabina Chege

Another story about Sabina Chege? Yes, another one! The honourable member’s name was used last month to con other politicians of their HARD earned money. When she realized what was happening, she devised a cunning plan with Jakoyo Midiwo to catch the man with the bazooka! Hehehe!

Benson Masubo Chacha
Hiding his bazooka

The Muranga legislator stated:

“Jakoyo sent money allegedly to me but he never told me. This guy went ahead and started flirting with Jakoyo.”
Jakoyo Midiwo
Jakoyo Midiwo: Courtesy/The star

She further added:

“Jakoyo called me one morning and asked me if I was done with KRA and if I had received the money? I asked him which money? That is when I knew there was someone who was using my name to con people.”

Sabina detailed how she reported the matter to the DCI and gave him a weeks ultimatum to arrest Chacha or else she would do it. Citizen’s arrest manenoz!

Wazir Chacha
Wazir Chacha in court

She then hatched a plan where Midiwo would continue flirting with Chacha and lure him into a trap with money to arrest him. She stated:

“When I spoke with Jakoyo I told him to continue engaging with this guy to see if we can be able to trap him and get him. So they continued talking and he was flirting with Jakoyo, he offered him more money and Midiwo informed him he was leaving town and he would leave the money with his manager so Chacha could send someone or go pick the money himself.”

Sabina narrated how Chacha sent two Multimedia University students were arrested when trying to collect the money.

Sabina Chege; Courtesy/ The star

She said:

“This young man is called Ngetich and he told police he was sent by Wazir Chacha who he met through his aunty Cecilia Ngetich. Chacha had used a different number and told the Ngetich he was hospitalised, Jakoyo called me and told me they had arrested two young guys only for my security to find out that its the two university guys.”

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