Ruth Matete
Ruth Matete

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Ruth Matete shocked many when she revealed late last year that she had tried to commit suicide. She was a “savedy”, so her trying to take her own life was crazy for most to hear.

Ruth Matete

Matete, is now a worship leader at New Breed City – a church under Apostolic umbrella of Appointment International Ministries (AIM). In a long post on Instagram over the weekend, Ruth Matete revealed how she attempted suicide several times when everything was not working for her.

“I’m sure we all have that one time in our lives when things were so bad we can’t compare it with any other time in our lives. I have such a year. And I remember how everything was not working for me. Thought of taking my life to end all the pain and misery… And to some point, I actually tried but I wasn’t successful because God!” 

Ruth Matete

She added:

“Finances were not working. Relationship not working. Some main friendships ended…. Ministry was not working. And I thought to myself, am I of any value to this world?”

She still tried to kill herself but unsuccessfully. Among some of the lessons she learned were:

 God’s timing is the best

 God knows when you hurt and He has a reason for allowing the pain

The day you find out your purpose is the day you start living

When God wipes away your tears, He wipes it all… I mean, every kind of tear at once

Only God can heal a wounded heart

God Forgives. Man does not

Ruth Matete

But her brave decision to speak out will surely help many who are battling depression or suicidal thoughts. The former Tusker Project Fame winner clearly feels the need to encourage others because of what she went through.

As did Radio Africa digital editor Oliver Mathenge who also tried to take his own life twice.

Oliver Mathenge

He also battled depression and alcoholism but it seems that things are looking up for him at the moment. I hope these stories encourage anyone battling these type of demons. Things change. They do, and for the better.

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