The singer spoke about disappointing God

Ruth Matete has in the past spoken about her frustrations before and after her Tusker Project fame stint.

The singer even admitted that she had tried to commit suicide but said, ‘But God…”

Ruth Matete
Ruth Matete

She spoke on Radio Jambo and revealed the deep disappointment she felt about going against God.

The Tusker Project Fame Season Five winner said:

Around that time, I was so stressed and I had financial difficulties. It was not a good gesture as a Christian. Even then, I knew I was wrong, but because in life we have ups and downs, no one should lie to you that after salvation everything is fine.

The singer spoke about disappointing God

She added:

At that time, one of my friends advised me to try Tusker Project Fame. I hesitated but finally ended up going because of the frustrations of life, without even thinking about my salvation life.

Ruth Matete explains the life lessons she learnt from her several suicide attempts

She explained that her father had not been pleased with her participation in the event. She related:

I had moved out of my father’s house, although I was still in school. It was not easy and my dad is a very strict dad, who would only give me a small amount of money, unlike what I expected.


Matete, eventually won the competition and bagged Ksh 5 million. She said that despite this fact she still had to apologize in church for taking part in the alcohol sponsored event.

She said:

After TPF, there were so many gigs for me. Most people did not know I was saved. When I went back to church, there was a lot of drama, but I admitted I was wrong.

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