Ruth Matete and her husband John

Ruth Matete has been turned into a widow,  five months after she walked down the aisle.

Ruth was a blushing glowing bride when she said, “I do” to Pastor Beloved John Apewajoye.

However, their joy was short lived.

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Ruth Matete
Ruth Matete with her husband

On Monday last week, Apewajoyewas involved in a freak gas explosion at Greatwall Apartments in Nairobi.

Ruth spoke to close friends and collegues detailing the last moments of her hubby.

She posted on a WhatsApp group, days before the husband passed on

“On Monday we had an incident at the house that has led my husband to being in the ICU since Monday.

“Allow me to explain. We had bought gas and when we lit it, it was not lighting well. We thought it was overfilled.

“So normally, my husband will just take it out and release some of the gas. So he did the same..only that this time, he did it at the balcony.

“Unfortunately, we had some clothes hanging on the clothes line. And other stuff in the balcony.

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Ruth Matete“Because of this, the gas did not go out when he released it. It was on the clothes and some stuff at the balcony.

“He immediately wanted to check if the gas is now working and went ahead to light it. The rest is history as the fire exploded.”

Ruth continued,

“I was in the living room, I saw my husband on fire literally in the living room where he ran shouting, “Baby, help me!”😭😭😭😭😭”

“That’s when I called for help from neighbors and others who had seen the fire were already at the door. They helped me take him to Shalom Hospital near where we stay where he got first aid then later got an ambulance that took him to Beleview hospital in South C where he was put in the ICU/HDU for three days.

“Luckily the burn is not deep to the second layer of the skin. But it is big. He did not inhale it so he is safe and out of danger.”

At the time Ruth sent the message informing her friends, she was hopeful that he will recover.

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Ruth Matete

“He is talking, eating on his own. They say the skin will grow back with time. They had to clean all the burned skin so they removed it all. The burn is 45%.”

She added,

“I am also with child. In the first trimester. It’s really stressful. But I know our God is faithful. Just trying my best to be strong for all of us. My husband, my baby and myself.”

Our deepest condolences to Ruth and her family for their loss. May Pastor Apewajoye rest in peace.

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