Singer turned pastor and worship leader Ruth Matete has been posting inspirational content on social media.

Ruth is still mourning the passing of her husband Beloved John Apewajoye but she is pushing through the grief.

Tonight she will host a 30 minute worship session live on her social media handles.

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Before that, she spoke about how she is dealing with grieving.

“Truth is some days are very hard. When death knocks at your door, there’s nothing you can do. Some days, voices in my head tell me I am taking too long in this mourning phase. But I have made up my mind not to be hard on myself. I patiently wait for the day God will heal me totally. But the again, some days I doubt if this kind of pain can totally heal. So I ask God to give me a new heart instead.
Till then, I’ll smile when God gives me a chance to. I will laugh when God allows me to. But above all, I will keep serving Him.”

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Now, Ruth who had earlier taken a social media break reactivated her account and has now pointed out that she has lost many “fake relationships”.

“Sometimes the storm in your life has nothing to do with you but has everything to do with those around you.”

She continued,

“We are living in days where to find real people isn’t easy, too many fake relationships and associations. It is easy for many to say you are my best friend, covenant brother or sister, spiritual son or daughter or my spiritual dad or mum. The only thing that tests this claim is a storm, don’t cry too much when in the storm, don’t beat yourself so hard when the storm comes, don’t run out of the storms of life it’s not always about you, it’s about those around you.”

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In the post, Ruth explains,

“You see, greatness is something that comes with a great price, it takes too much to rise. Pain, betrayal, loneliness, isolation, rejection, such that to rise and go down again is an unbearable experience. So let the storm sweep the fake things and relationships, before you rise to greatness.”

Adding, “When God is about to lift you and entrust you with greatness, He will start by cleaning your surroundings by exposing what you don’t need on your next level. So rejoice because in your storm there’s a seed of Greatness and Elevation.”

She shared a moving quote, “NOTHING WILL DISSOLVE THE POISON AROUND YOU LIKE A STORM!!!!- Evans Ababu.”

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