Ringtone Apoko
Mr. Apoko

Gospel singer Ringtone whose real name is Alex Apoko is known for murdering the queen’s language.

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The Pamela hitmaker has once again been trolled for his bad grammar online. Ringtone shared a post claiming he was low and needed someone to encourage him.

Please encouraging me I feel like am not smartly dressed today my heart needs an inspiration.🙏🙏🙏’ he posted accompanied by the photo below.


This saw his followers tell him to invest in a dictionary or take English classes to avoid embarrassing himself in public. Check out reactions:

Jedd Leackey The only encouragement you need is please enroll in some English classes. You and English are in a long distance relationship like Murkomen’s teeth.

Abidal BranBrill That English only can cause miscarriage…….kindly visit maternity clinic before its too late!

fleek_vee Please correct your grammar @ringtoneapoko

Pepe Noel And you are fighting Willy Paul with that grammar? “Encouraging me”??🤔🤔..So this week mumeamua na Pastor Ng’ang’a of ” Linus you wiro face kwensekwense because you can hide me but I can not hide you”??

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awuor_okombo Lemmie comment on the English first. dressing code ni next post. encourage you? encouraging you? we don’t encourage on dressing code, we comment on itnegatively or positevily

gigikadogo You are smartly dressed, your English though. … rudia fees shule

gee_mkenya_di_champ You need to dress up your brains 1st,izo zingine will just flowww

phel_ix Brother your English sounds busaa

iryn_muthoni Rusungu yawa

Shiks Bww please hire someone for some English classes and help create employment ..

Nyar Chris We are gathered here to pray for your English brother Apoko

Tenda Wema CORRECTION …Please encourage me..NOT please encouraging me…Kindly take not

Ringtone is not the only celebrity who has murdered the Queen’s language as Tanzania’ Harmonize has done it severally.

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